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Full color, digitally printed, flexible, clear plastic is perfect for many applications.

 Lexan 4

  • Lexan 2With full adhesive backing, thicknesses are available from approximately .01” to .03”
  • Full color badges, full color signs, control panel overlays, labels, diagrams, emergency exit maps are just a few.
  • Labels can be laser-cut to fit irregular installations (at additional cost).
  • Images are protected by the entire thickness of clear, velvet-finished polycarbonate material.
  • These are very economical, durable, able to accept many graphics, and available in sizes up to 8.25” x 13.75” and in many color combinations.

Show our experienced staff what you want your signs to do, and we’ll help design signs to do it best for you.  We send you a proof by email or fax on these for your approval before printing. Call for free Lexan label samples.

Check out more lexan labels at our Signs Photo Gallery.

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